Hold Pls: Sodium Girl

18 Jun

I first met Jess a few years ago through a mutual friend, Kat and from the first moment I met the girl I was blown away by how friendly, cute and just well bubbly she was. If a person could every be described as effervescent it would be Jess.

At the time, I had no idea that this same girl had lupus, a scary debilitating disease that ravaged her body during college and put her on the transplant list. To me, she was just Kat’s super cute, fun friend who I liked to hang out and get silly with.

Today I read this article about her and decided to check out her recipe blog. I don’t have anything nearly as serious as Lupus, but I do have a nasty, obnoxious condition that severely limits my dietary choices (no diary, no soy, no heavily spiced food, no greasy food, no rich food, no love, no joy etc etc etc). It’s not life threatening like Jess’s condition but it drives my boyfriend, a foodie/ex chef who loves to cook and eat, completely nuts. It also makes socializing a pain in the tush.

I love to read about healthy cooking, and so of course when I found her blog and fell in love. Newsflash, sodium isn’t really great for any of us! Also, I am so inspired by the fact that she took this on as an inspiration and a challenge, sort “a take that world!” that I haven’t quite embraced with my own limited food choices.

PS: My birthday is coming up and I now want a dehydrator, please and thank you!


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